About Our Synthetic Grass
Our turf is second to none. The turf is manufactured in the USA, specifically in Georgia.
Real Look & Feel
We credit ourselves with the most realistic synthetic grass for residential yards with unique multi-colored blades that intertwine to match the look and feel of real grass.
Grass that Lasts
Our synthetic grass is engineered for the most rigorous of conditions, including the majority of the NFL stadiums, as well as MLS, NCAA, MLL, etc.
Pet Friendly
The Ultimate Grass by EasyTurf product is pet friendly. We have the industry leading artificial grass for dogs. Period.
Save Water
Here in Hawaii, water costs and maintenance are a detriment to our wallets, but you can reconcile that with our synthetic turf since there is no trimming, mowing, edging, or watering.
UV Rays
Our turf is UV stabilized and science backs up our claims. Our turf has held its color in some of the sunniest and hottest conditions including California, Arizona and Florida.
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